Acoustic Roller Blinds

Enjoy superior noise control with our Acoustic Roller Blinds. Designed with advanced acoustic fabrics, these blinds not only add style but also enhance the acoustics of any room.

Acoustic Technology Explained

The unique Trevira CS yarn in our blinds helps manage sound waves, resulting in a noticeable reduction in noise levels.

Acoustic Fabrics and Ratings

Our acoustic fabrics are tested for sound absorption and earn an impressive NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating.

Available in Varied Colours

Choose from Soundcheck Charcoal, Pumice, and White, or the Frequency Blind White for a tailored aesthetic.

Introducing Our Acoustic Roller Blinds

Looking for a stylish, functional addition to your space? Look no further than our custom Acoustic Roller Blinds. These high-performance blinds utilise leading-edge acoustic fabrics, specifically engineered to manage sound energy effectively. By reflecting and absorbing sound, they improve the acoustics of any room, making it quieter and more comfortable.

How Do They Work?

Our blinds are woven with a unique Trevira CS yarn. This ribbon-shaped filament manages the flow of sound waves that repeatedly bounce off reflective surfaces. The result? A significant reduction in sound levels, providing a calmer, more serene environment.

Acoustic Ratings – What Does It Mean?

Each of our blinds is tested and awarded an NRC rating. This rating speaks to the sound absorption effectiveness of our blinds. The average absorption at different frequencies is used to calculate the NRC on a scale of 0 to 1. A higher number means better absorption.

A Range of Choices

We offer our Acoustic Roller Blinds in a variety of colours, including Soundcheck Charcoal, Pumice, and White. Additionally, our Frequency Blind comes in White.

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Acoustic Roller Blinds


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Acoustic Roller Blinds

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