Antimicrobial & Fire Retardant Curtains

Ensuring compliance in commercial curtain fittings is a breeze with our Antimicrobial & Fire Retardant Curtains.

Fire Retardant Fabric Benefits

Our exclusive range of Fire Retardant Curtain fabric ensures legal compliance in commercial environments.

Antimicrobial Fabrics Defined

Antimicrobial fabrics actively halt micro-organism growth, improving fabric hygiene and longevity.

Rising Demand for Antimicrobial Fabric

Our range includes local and performance fabrics with integrated antimicrobial tech.

Invest in Commercial Curtains That Exceed Standards

At Countrywide Concepts, our Antimicrobial & Fire Retardant Curtains are not just about meeting regulations. They're about delivering superior safety, durability, and aesthetic appeal in every installation. We guide our clients towards the right choice for their specific building type and application, eliminating the risks and cost of having to replace or alter installations down the track.

Quality Fabric Selection

Our exclusive range of Fire Retardant Curtain fabrics meet the legal requirements of commercial curtain installations. We've got you covered whether you're in the hospitality, healthcare, education, or the correctional industry.

Antimicrobial Protection

Our antimicrobial fabrics offer an additional layer of protection, killing or slowing the spread of microorganisms. The application of these finishes varies depending on the specific product, with some inherently antimicrobial materials like silicone.

Meeting the Market Demand

At Countrywide, we respond to the increasing demand for antimicrobial fabric by offering a diverse range of products. From Australian-made antimicrobial cubicle screens to high-performance fabrics with integrated antimicrobial technology, we've got a solution for your project.

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Antimicrobial & Fire Retardant Curtains


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Antimicrobial & Fire Retardant Curtains

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