How to Transform your Aged Care Facility on a Budget

Aged care makeovers without the massive price tag? Find out how.

It’s important to maintain the interiors of your aged care facility, but the funds aren’t always there for expensive renovations. Interior improvements don’t always have to be costly. Don’t believe us?

We’ve come up with a realistic guide to enhancing the visual appeal of your aged care interiors - on a budget. Packed full of cost-effective tips and suggestions, our “Transform your Aged Care Interiors on a Budget” Guide includes:

  • Simple ways to upgrade with soft furnishings
  • Suggestions to create safe and welcoming spaces
  • Comparing and choosing the right window furnishings

So, if you are planning a makeover in your facility, simply download your free PDF copy of “Transform your Aged Care Interiors on a Budget” – it might just save you thousands!

Download Budget Makeover Ideas